Set up page using the lower Settings button (lower left of Elem. menu) – Toggle HIDE TITLE 


Step 1 – Red Plus
Step 2 – Click Single Box (top left.)

Step 3 – Elementor Menu Widget Button.
Select Your widget, drag and drop.

OR – select the folder icon instead of the red plus – and pull in a premade template (made by me.)


There are 3 tabs on the Elementor Panel: Content | Style | Advanced.
Content is the words/images/icons in each widget
Style is how the content is displayed – typography, color, size, etc.
Advanced is spacing & padding, and responsive features (shows/hides on mobile.)

This is a heading. Select HTML tag and Style. Your Styles are predefined.

Below is the Unlimited Elements Card Carousel. Only use this one!  The other card carousels don’t work with your design.

To edit, Go to the Content Tab, and the 4th section down is Items.  I usually just duplicate the last item and change the content.